January 19, 2003


Human Peace Sign from Antarctica

Today people from McMurdo Station in Antarctica joined with the millions of others around the world in calling for peace not war.

With the Antarctic Mt Range in the background we laid on the Sea Ice in a symbolic call for peace.

Seven continents united.

on the sea ice of McMurdo Sound. We called that the Polychrome Parka Peace Sign on the Sea Ice of McMurdo Sound. It included "polychrome parkas" so that we could include people from different castes and national origins. Red parkas are only worn by American scientists and support staff. Construction workers wear brown parkas. US Air National Guard and Coast Guard wear olive parkas, South Pole workers wear dark green, New Zealanders wear blue or yellow, and Italians wear read with black patches. About 50 people participated. Note that the suggestion to include people of many colored parkas came from someone in the olive parka caste...

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