Big Bend Bushes For Peace

Big Bend Area - Ruidosa, Texas
February 5, 2003

February 6, 2003 -- Ruidosa, TX -- Braving prickly pear, javelinas and the desert sun, 20 women of the Big Bend area in Texas stripped their clothing and declared their vote for peace. Using their nude bodies, the women formed the letters of "PEACE" in a dry river bed outside of Ruidosa, TX at Chinati Hot Springs.

This was the first of its kind to happen in Texas - the land of George W. Bush.

The group, from small towns in sparsely populated far west Texas, included an eight and half months pregnant school teacher.

Also involved were an internationally-known choreographer, retired editor from Washington, D.C., several artists, three school teachers, a poet, a legal assistant and one woman who drove 12 hours to participate. The photographer was a local businesswoman who is well known in the area for shooting landscapes.

The women formed the letters of "PEACE" as it might flow down the river.

"The symbolism is we hope peace can flow from our action to other people in the Big Bend and to our leaders worldwide," said the organizer of the event, a new media designer from Marfa.

The event has spurred talk of peace in the area small towns. Every Wednesday at noon in Marfa, peace activists meet on the courthouse lawn for silent meditation and prayers. The Big Bend area is considered one of the most remote areas in the continental United States. All of the participating women drove over two hours for the photo.

"We may be isolated and remote, but we are very aware of what is going on in the world - and we care," said the organizer.

The action was inspired by the Baring Witness' similar demonstrations in California and all over the world.

"We are upset by the United States' proposed naked aggression against Iraq," said the organizer.

"This is one thing we can do to show the severity of the situation."

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