Lake County, California
March 23, 2003

                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Bob Minnea

Outrageous Women Doing Outrageous Things For Peace

Now that the war has started a group of women and I were very torn between supporting our troops and the desire for peace. So we got together on a beautiful spring day in Lake County, California.

In keeping with other women around the country who recently have been disrobing for peace, Sunday, March 23rd, 2003, approximately 50 women (three of them with babies, one pregnant) met in a remote meadow to form a naked human peace symbol.

The youngest was in her early teens, the oldest in her eighties. We are every shape, every size, every walk of life, and every political party. Each of us has very strong and sometimes opposing opinions about the war. Many of us were complete strangers to each other.

What brought us together is our love of humanity, the commonality of womanhood and the hope that peace will come soon. As confronting as it was for us to lie naked in a field and be photographed, we did so willingly because of our commitment to ourselves, each other and the people of the world.

One of the most amazing and wonderful parts of all of this is, I put the word out and within 24 hours we had a place, a photographer, a plane, and a pilot, all of which was donated. And then through phone trees, e-mails, and word of mouth, a bunch of outrageous women ready to make the vision a reality showed up.

It was a glorious experience in an area where not everyone is on the same side of the aisle. We were able to go beyond the personal, and the political, in order to follow what our feminine spirits were trying to say. Each of us was able to rise above our individual political beliefs and come together for peace without making anyone wrong. It could have gone the other way, like what's happening at a lot of the demonstrations now. However, what did happen was a beautiful statement was made.

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