Dallas, Texas
March 17,



Peace Point, Lake Lavon, Texas - Neither thick native buffalo grass nor the blazing Texas sun could keep 43 Dallas-area women from “baring all” for peace last Saturday. As a protest against the Bush administration’s drive towards war in Iraq, this brave and beautiful group of women stripped and artistically used their naked bodies to form the word “PEACE” on a sacred piece of land along Lake Lavon, just outside of Dallas.

“We don’t agree with this war,” said the organizer. “And even though our voices could be heard, it seemed more powerful to let our bodies do the talking.”

Inspired by Baring Witness events from Big Bend, Texas and all over the world, this particular protest drew women from every profession and all phases of life - including a mom with a newborn.

The group also included several filmmakers, architects, writers, educators, artists, nurses, moms, business women, and women in the healing arts. The shot, taken by a female photographer, was captured from a helicopter flown by a female pilot.

The women, lying hand to ankle, participated in their own personal peace meditations during the shoot in an effort to send some positive energy to a world much in need of healing. The peninsula, which they dubbed “Peace Point,” was the perfect place to make their point - that peace needs to be one of the prevailing messages, especially in the midst of impending military action.

“Peace isn’t a feeling, it’s an action,” said the organizer. “It’s a dialogue that starts with a few people and grows, person by person. Forty-three women have started the conversation. And every time they talk about it, every time they show someone the photo, they’re spreading the message even more.”

“This group of women is putting peace on the table and making it more important than the messages of fear and hostility that are penetrating the media right now,” said the organizer. That’s extremely powerful.”

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