Durango, Colorado
February 16, 2003

Sixteen Full Moons at 8,500 Feet

Photos: Kit Frost

Sixteen women attended by several dogs bared their bodies in the snow forming a peace symbol on the day of the full moon on the outskirts of Durango, Colorado at 8,500 feet in freezing temperatures the day after 800+ people and dogs marched for peace in Durango as part of a worldwide anti-war protest.

Our burning passion for peace kept the “Unreasonable Women of Durango” warm.   We sixteen women are joining in solidarity with women and men around the world who are “Baring Witness” for peace.  The first “Baring Witness” demonstration took place in Marin County, California where 45 women took off their clothes and laid on the ground to spell out the word “peace.” They stated their mission: “Our exposure of the vulnerable human flesh we all share has created a powerful statement against the naked aggression of our country’s policies.”

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