Durango, Colorado
March 8, 2003


On International Women Day, 65+ citizens of Southwestern Colorado gathered in Durango for a peace action sponsored by the Unreasonable Women of Durango.

This event, being enacted all over the world, is part of an international spelling bee initiated by a group called Baring Witness. Groups of people from 3 to 150,000 have formed messages with their bodies to say no to the impending war in Iraq. This event in Durango coincided with the International Women's Day peace march on Washington, a gathering of thousands of men, women, and children in our nation's capital to protest the plans for a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.

The participants in Saturday's event, wearing black clothing against a background of white snow, spelled out "not in our name" as a message to the Bush Administration that signifies their sincere desire to stop our government's policies of illegal aggression in the Middle East.

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