Land O' Lakes, Florida
February 15, 2003

                                                                                      Photo: Marcia Stone


On Saturday, February 15th, 2003, 35 Pasco County women gathered to spell the word “PEACE” with their nude bodies on a fire ant-covered slope. The women, ranging in age from their thirties to their seventies, call themselves “Women Who Care.” They were photographed on the beautiful grounds of the Caliente resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida by local photographer Marcia Stone.

This demonstration was inspired by the group Baring Witness, which has staged numerous such gatherings since November 14th, 2002. This startling form of protest has been used recently all over the globe to send a clear message to government. Saturday’s gathering was timed to coincide with worldwide protests calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict with Iraq.

“Women Who Care” spokesperson Zhenya Nichols says that she was moved to organize this photographic demonstration in support of peace. “The women here today represent the mainstream of this country,” Nichols said.  “They’ve never been in a ‘protest’ before, ever. They cared enough today to send the message that the human body is not created to bear violence and war. We women in particular are created to bear life, the future, peace. If we must bare our bodies in order to send this message clearly, then so be it.”

Baring Witness has plans for more pro-peace actions and is actively encouraging many organizers in the U.S. and Europe.

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