Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
February 15, 2003

We bare witness, as Canadian women, to the need for peace in the world.  We lie in the snow and expose our vulnerability and our bodies, which are the source of life; we protest the belief that war solves problems; we protest the bombing of innocent women, men and children in Iraq and the paranoia that sees all members of the Islamic faith as terrorists.  We believe in international negotiation and dialogue;  we believe that war is unnecessary and we claim, as our right, a lasting peace on the earth for our children and grandchildren.

Press Release
Baring Witness - A Silent Appeal for Peace

On Saturday February 15th at 4:00 p.m. at a Flamborough farm, a group of local women will lie down naked in the snow in the shape of a peace sign to write with their bodies their desire for peace in the world.  Their action coincides with hundreds of demonstrations worldwide to protest the growing atmosphere of hostility towards Iraq.  If these actions do not halt politicians, aggression will escalate and lead to war in Iraq, a war which the women neither support nor condone.

'As women we are exposing our vulnerability in the face of naked aggression', says Tricia Shannon, who spearheaded a similar protest in Cape Town. 'A woman's body is the source of life. It's powerful, it's peaceful, and it's the antithesis to death.'

On the Baring Witness website, founder Donna Sheehan explains the intent of the protest: First and foremost, women will take responsibility for diverting their husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers from destructive actions.  This war is a domestic issue. It's about killing people for the oil we use for our luxuries. Our men are playing the traditional role of supplying what they think are your needs and my needs. American soldiers and Iraqi women and children will be killed so that we can heat empty rooms. We must let our men know that we want them safe at home. Let us reassure them that together we can break our habits of over-consumption of resources AND innocent lives.

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