Helena, Montana
January 25, 2003
(See press release below.)

                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Katie Knight 2003

Fifty women sang "Give Peace a Chance" as they lay in the snow in January in Montana.

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Nude PEACE Protest

Fifty women braved the winter weather and an equally cold political climate to bare their bodies and make a bold statement for peace on Saturday, January 25, 2003. Outside of Helena, Montana, the women assembled on a cold mountain meadow and lay down on snow and prickly pear cactus to spell the word PEACE with their naked bodies.  These women used their bodies as a striking reminder of the vulnerability of the innocent Iraqi people who will undoubtedly be killed, maimed or left without clean water, food and shelter as a result of a war.  This creative action expresses the growing opposition locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to the Bush Administration's determined efforts to initiate a war with Iraq. 

The photographer for this "art happening," Katie Knight, has photographed in war zones and witnessed the tragedies war inevitably imposes on civilians.  "With this action," Knight explained, "women symbolically place their own vulnerable bodies between the weapons of destruction and those who would be the victims of a war. By removing
clothing and exposing ourselves to the Montana winter and the eyes of the world, we identify with the millions of people who would loose everything if our government initiates another war.  On the most personal level, we are making peace with our bodies, overcoming our own self-consciousness to join together in a consciousness that embraces
life around the planet."

"Art happenings can be a powerful medium of expression, a way of showing, instead of telling, how strongly we feel about the importance of our message, said Knight.  "What else can we do to let our government, our community, and the world know that we will not stand aside as the Bush administration makes plans for genocide?  If it would stop the war, many of us would bare witness this way in the middle of downtown."

The event is similar to actions already enacted at least three other times around the United States.  By taking the personal risks to show their commitment opposing the war with Iraq, these women hope others will join them in asking our country's leaders to pursue other means to resolve our problems with Iraq. There are peaceful alternatives to war!


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