Houston, Texas
February 28, 2003

Peace symbol


Greater Houston has a small community of peace activists, relative to its size. But we're a noisy, creative bunch. In this environment where Big Oil dominates, you either express yourself or go nuts. On February 28, 2003, a few of us did both.

Founding members EJ and the Naked Emperor had brainstormed on how to assemble some bold individuals for some barrier-breaking BaringWitness photos. We recruited among Rice University's Club 13, an informal, nocturnal, shaving-cream-attired running club. We put together a flier to circulate at the 15 February demonstration and at various local peace actions.

When the night of the 28th came around, about 40 activists walked from the weekly candlelight vigil to a spot on Hermann Park's "Hippie Hill" to participate in the photo shoot. We brought candles to make an illuminated (and clothed) peace symbol first. Houstonians being notorious weather wimps, only a dozen braved the windy 5C/41F weather to form PAZ, the Spanish word for peace, in their one-button earth suits.

EJ and the Naked Emperor had each independently envisioned spelling PAZ. Spanish is nearly as widely spoken in Texas as English, particularly in parts of Houston. It just helped the case that there weren't enough bodies to spell PEACE.

Stay tuned for upcoming Greater Houston Baring Witness events in March.

For more info contact houstonbarewitness@yahoo.com, or visit http://www.hal-pc.org/~edi/arath.html.

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