Kailua Kona, Hawaii
March 8
, 2003

                                                                    Photo: David O. Baldwin - Kona, Hawaii

Pro-Peace at the Pier

Eighteen Kona women float for peace at the Kailua Kona Pier. Peace must have a future, or we will not.

We are regular women, mothers, daughters and grandmothers doing the unfamiliar to prevent the unthinkable. At this time, 75% of the Iraqi population is women and children, 51% of Iraqis being 15 years or younger. We cannot stand by and watch our children and Iraq's children being slaughtered to make arms merchants and oilmen richer. We want to show our support for a peaceful resolution with Iraq. We want to keep Peace afloat in the World.

We have gathered to make a statement on this the International Women's Day, in solidarity with those women who have spoken up before us, and with those who protest against war around the world today. Using our bodies - the source of human life - we send a message of reason to the leaders of our country. In doing so, we join a "Global Spelling Bee" in support of peace, which has taken form around the world, in such places as New York, Paris, Montana, Vancouver, South Africa, Hong Kong, Italy, England, Antarctica, and Kaua'i: now today, in Kailua Kona.

We beg President Bush and Prime-Minister Blair to explore discourse, dialogue, and peaceful disarmament, not discord and destruction.

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