Portland, Oregon
March 23, 2003

                                                                                  Photo: Daniel Dancer

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More than 120 Americans met in on private property 30 miles west of Portland, Oregon to form the Chinese symbol for "peace" with their clothed - and then nude - bodies.

What did it look like? See for yourself by visiting http://www.explorers-club.com/peace where you will find photos taken by designer Daniel Dancer.

Participants came from all walks of life and ranged from their late teens through fifties, some with relatives in the military currently serving in Iraq, some with friends who were in New York City on 9/11, some with military experience themselves. While each person's reasons for participating were individual, all agreed that engaging in this communal meditation and reaffirmation on the value of peace during conflict was of great importance. One young woman burst out, "We have to do this!" before joining more than 100 men and women already assembled in the field. Her sentiments were echoed by all involved.

Although rained out the week before, the Sunday gathering received weather blessings and went off without a hitch. Participants in a nearby "bikers and rednecks for Bush" party gathered on the roadside to ask questions, speculate, and ultimately express admiration for the group members' willingness to face the cool early spring temperatures. No incidents occurred and, although a banner reading "Support Our Troops" was not successfully unfurled, Nude for Peace participants who heard about it later expressed support and concern for those serving in the Gulf and a hope that the war would end soon with a minimum of military and civilian casualties.

Upon completion of the design, several Nude for Peace participants adjourned to share soup and bread while further discussing the Gulf War and its possible long-term affects upon the country and world.

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