San Diego, California
February 22, 2003


On Saturday, February 22, sixty women gathered at sunrise on a San Diego beach to make a peace symbol with their naked bodies. The women, part of a group called the Unreasonable Women of North Coast San Diego, range in age from 20 to 75. They include attorneys, teachers, musicians, writers, and social workers; many are mothers and grandmothers. Some have had joint replacements; one is a two-time cancer survivor whose hair is just returning.

They are part of a group called "Unreasonable Women" that originated in Marin County and has been Baring Witness since late December.  Similar actions have been held in Tomales Bay, Santa Cruz, Florida, Utah, and Colorado. All are an effort by patriotic Americans to prevent a war with Iraq.

The Unreasonable Women want to have peace in the world and they oppose unilateral war with Iraq. All are uncomfortable showing their bodies but decided they needed to make a statement that war is not the way to settle differences.

Some have worked actively for peace their entire lives. For others this was their first time to make a political statement. All are united against war with Iraq.

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