Seattle, Washington
February 23, 2003

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A group of Seattle-area women gathered on Vashon Island to "bare all" in their collective desire for peace. Inspired by the Baring Witness organization founded by 72-year-old Donna Sheehan, the women created human sculptures, using their naked bodies to spell out the words PEACE and PAIX. The goal of local organizer Aileen Murphy was to spell peace in the different languages of the women participating in the event, which was a new concept for a Baring Witness event, according to Ms. Sheehan. As stated by participant Leslie Milligan, "Since we can't get the current Administration's attention using logic and reason, we decided to use our weapons of mass distraction".

Decorated with signs bearing the slogan, "Unreasonable Women of Seattle Baring Witness 2/23/03", a caravan of cars ferried across the Sound to gather in a private setting for the photographs that will become part of the Baring Witness Web site. Exhilarated and empowered by this pro-peace expression, organizers are planning future Baring Witness events and hope this movement will gain momentum in the Seattle area.

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