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The Eve Option is a film about our current state of human evolution and the need for a societal revolution. We have the choice of continuing on the present path of destruction and dominance by a powerful few or, without blame, stepping towards a new structure founded upon realigning the balance of masculine and feminine by reintegrating womenís choice of partnership and menís recognition of the roots of their aggression and their need for a new definition of progress.
If not now, when?

Inequality, violence, war, subjugation, genocide, rape, poverty, environmental degradation, nuclear war.  These problems sound intractable but they are not.  The Eve Option is a documentary film about how women, men, companies, organizations, cultures and governments can begin to solve these problems by striving to make  women 50 percent of the solution.

We can do it, but time is running out on the only option we may have left:  The Eve Option

Baring Witness
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