Takoma Park, Maryland
March 15, 2003

                                                                                                                                Photo: Charles Steck

28 women of Takoma Park, Maryland, gathered in Opal Daniels Park to lay their bodies down in a plea for peace, to add their quiet scream of dissent to the already tumultuous din of the worldwide opposition to the action against Iraq. In less then a week word was spread around Takoma Park about the upcoming demonstration.

"We had no idea how many people would show up. The ground was really muddy from the melted snow, but it was a warm day. At noon, the women started coming, and there were plenty of bodies to spell out our message," said co-organizer Jennifer White. After the women formed the word "peace," the 10 men who had come to help decided to form an impromptu peace sign.  Said one participant, "It takes some courage to all get naked, much more courage to choose peace." "It was amazing." commented co-organizer Cristin Fair, "The response was terrific and the feeling of optimism and hope was strong".

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