Pt. Reyes Station, West Marin County, California
January 26, 2004

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Steve Bowers

Early on a Sunday morning 25 West Marin mothers, fathers, and babies gathered at their community center to be the first in launching a Baring Witness national get-out-the-VOTE campaign.

Young mom organizer Bonnie Porter said, "I was very proud to see that there are mothers and dads making the effort to get the word out to the nation. These young concerned parents feel a new sense of political involvement and the deep conviction that, for their children’s sake, Americans must vote wisely for the politicians who will determine their futures. We feel it is important to remind people why we care about who runs our country and our lives. We would have spelled ‘Californians! Register before the February 17th deadline’ if we’d had more babies!"

Baring Witness is helping organizers around the country to create similar VOTE actions with babies and with university students. Founder Donna Sheehan said, "We are concerned that young parents and students may be disillusioned with the system and need encouragement to get involved. Let’s find out who Americans really want to govern the country."

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