Wellesley College, Massachusetts
February 8, 2004


The Wellesley College (Massachusetts, outside of Boston) Republicans, Democrats, Committee for Political and Legislative Action, and two dormitory House Councils sponsored an event at Wellesley called "Spell Vote."

At 1 PM on the afternoon of February 8th, fifteen students gathered on an icy slope called Severance Hill in the middle of Wellesley College to spell out the word "VOTE" with their bodies.  Said the organizer, "We want to show the country that the 18 to 24 year-old demographic is not as politically apathetic as polls show us to be.  We care about democracy and know how important it is to vote in America."

Organizers provided voter registration forms at the event in time for many states' presidential primaries and the November elections. Students are encouraging other colleges and universities to join in, to make a national effort to motivate other college students to vote.

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