Williams, Oregon
March 8
, 2003

                                                                                        Photo: Now Reames

Williams, Oregon made a statement for PEACE today as 12 people bared their bodies in the fresh spring grasses and created a Peace sign.

"For me, it's just the naked truth that PEACE is the natural way that we LOVE to live on our sacred Mother Earth," said Maya Manymoons, one of the naked bodies lying in the warm sun. "A tall man added, "It's the way we are willing to be vulnerable here naked - it's a strong statement to the leaders of the USA who are pushing for WAR." One woman said she sent their peace sign out like a frisbee disc to the whole world.

The group of 12 sang together ... peace is the bread we break, love is a river rolling, life is the chance we take when we call this Earth our home, we've made this Earth our home. "We send out this deep peace and love to the people of Iraq, we love you and we pray that this war does not occur."

This naked-bodied peace sign joins with people all over the world creating symbols of Peace and the word PEACE with their naked bodies.

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