Sonoma County Raging Grannies
Stubbs Vineyard, Marin County, California
March 6, 2004


The Sonoma Country Raging Grannies are known for their clever sassy spunky fun seriously political lyrics.  We are all waiting for their forthcoming CD and live appearances around the country!

Gaggle of Grannies

Oh, we are a gaggle of grannies
Urging you off of your fannies
We're telling you boys, we're sick of your toys
We want No More War!
So, join this gaggle of grannies
Get up off of your fannies
And we're telling you now that we're angry and how!
We want No More War!
We really mean it - NO MORE WAR!
We mean precisely - NO MORE WAR!
We'll say it nicely - NO MORE WAR!
Read our lips: (silently) NO MORE WAR!

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