West Marin County, California
6, 2004

Photos: Scott Hess

Women Bare Witness for International Women's Day

Forty women and one man from five San Francisco Bay Area counties gathered on the green hills of West Marin County, California to demonstrate their solidarity with the women in sixty countries around the world celebrating International Women's Day. They spelled out the words Love, Partnership, and Baring Witness to express their heartfelt desire for a world where aggression can be countered with peaceful solutions.

"Our intent is to shift from apathy to re-connection to our earth, and to bring the global community and men and women towards Partnership in balance for Peace," said Donna Sheehan in partnership with Paul Reffell, artists and organizers in Marshall, California. "We look to our leaders and their wives to foster moral responsibility to community through true Partnership between women and men. Let caring, not killing, be the byword for all human interaction."

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