More Than Warmth
Peace Quilt
September 23, 2003


This quilt was inspired by the Baring Witness movement. The center piece of the quilt is batiked and the outside frame tie-dyed by Linda Speel, the West Coast director of Peaceroots and More Than Warmth (MTW).

Linda participated in three Baring Witness photo peace protests, where people laid down their naked bodies to make their statement of Peace before the 2002-2003 wars.

Judith Meeker, founder of MTW, sewed the quilt using silk along with batiks from Australia, Bali, and California. The quilt is large enough for a double bed, but spectacular enough to be a wall hanging. The women depicted in the quilt not only radiate their own energy of devotion to the cause of peace; each one adds to the synergy of the movement with an ethereal quality being emitted from the center.

More Than Warmth sends quilts to children suffering from cold, wars, and poverty in Afghanistan; widows and orphans in Iraq; orphans with AIDS in Africa; freed slave children in India; and almost a dozen other countries in dire conditions. More Than Warmth teaches American children about others and brings hope to others suffering.

This quilt is to be raffled off at the Jungle Vibes store, in Petaluma, CA, December 21, 2003 at 11 AM. Proceeds will go to Peaceroots Alliance’s project of billboards promoting Peace, and to More Than Warmth for a quilting machine.

Tickets are $1.00 each and 6 for $5.00.

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